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The IMDb Show (2017– )
Enjoyed Show #1!!
17 November 2017
Fun show but it needs to be longer! Lots of good info and enjoyed Kevin Smith. You did put a lot into just a few minutes. Kerri and Kash will be great hosts. Check this show out as quick as you can. And back to my first point please make it longer. Because when it comes down to it you can't get enough of a good thing! I'll be looking forward to Friday's so I can watch The IMDb Show!
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Cobb (1994)
Interesting but needed more baseball.
1 January 2012
I watched this movie on New Year's Eve while I was having a movie marathon to help me stay awake till midnight. I found the movie to be interesting but I felt it could have used more baseball scenes. I understand it was about him telling his story to Al Stump but I was expecting more baseball flashbacks. Tommy Lee Jones is really good in this movie and Robert Wuhl really stands out as well. It was neat to find out where Cobb was from and to see scenes where he was in Cooperstown for a ceremony. This movie did get me interested in checking out more info on Ty Cobb and of course checking out Al Stump's book plus others I may find. If your a baseball fan or Tommy Lee Jones fan this is worth checking out but Cobb's mean attitude does grow old after a while.
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Beyond the Blackboard (2011 TV Movie)
Great Hallmark Movie!
25 April 2011
My wife asked me to watch this movie with her last night and I'm glad she did. This was a very well done movie. All the actors did a great job especially Emily VanCamp as Stacey Bess. The child actors they got for this movie also did a very good job. I became very interested in the children and what their story was. And to probably be expected some were pretty sad. It was interesting to find out what happens to them during the movie. And as in all Hallmark movies there are some moments that tug at your heartstrings! And moments where you get a smile on your face. This was a story that I wasn't aware of so you could learn something from this movie as well as just get some enjoyment from it. A good choice for the family to watch.
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Finding Buck McHenry (2000 TV Movie)
Very, Very Good Movie
30 June 2010
I just saw this movie on the Hallmark Movie Channel and thought it was one of the best baseball movies I have ever seen. The story was very well done and kept me interested throughout. I also liked the idea of the kid liking baseball cards since I enjoy that hobby as well. I even saw some of the ones I have at home. When they talked about the Negro Leagues it was also interesting to hear. I even learned some things from this movie, like where the Negro Leagues Museum is located. Any baseball fan should watch this movie which is great for the whole family. Ossie Davis as Mack Henry and Ruby Dee as his wife do a great job in this movie as well. Cubs fans will also enjoy seeing Ernie Banks in a small role.
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L'échange (2008)
Very, Very, Good Movie.
1 November 2008
You must go see this movie. YOU MUST GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! I'll admit I didn't know what to expect when my wife asked me to go to this movie. And of course having Jolie in it she didn't have to twist my arm to much. We had to go out of town to see it because our local theater wasn't showing it. The acting by Jolie was great. Eastwood's direction was great. And the 20's and 30's look to the movie was so realistic. I learned some things about this time frame by watching this movie. So not only did I enjoy the movie I learned a little bit along the way. This is a Rated R movie so I wouldn't take kids to it because there are a couple disturbing moments in the movie. If this movie doesn't get some Oscar nominations I will be very surprised. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!
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À nous de jouer (2003 TV Movie)
Good fun movie
6 December 2007
The reason I watched this movie is because of Richard T. Jones. I enjoyed his acting on Judging Amy so thats why I wanted to catch this movie. I also enjoy movies with sports in them. I ended up enjoying the movie for more reasons than Jones being in it. I enjoyed the character played by Alex D. Linz and I learned some things about Jewish customs. It was the first time I had ever heard that song the family sung as well. I think Disney does a good job with their TV movies because I have seen a ton of them over the years. I remember one called 'The Mary Thomas Story' that was well done, and it's good to see Disney still making good TV movies. Catch this one if you can.
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Very Good
25 May 2007
I saw this movie on the Cartoon Network and came across it by chance. I was checking for Justice League Unlimited and noticed this movie which I thought was just on DVD. I am really glad I was able to watch it. I think this was a very well made animated feature with a good story line and well done characters. Le Mai (probably spelled wrong) was a very interesting character in the movie. It does jump around from place to place quite a bit but didn't take away my enjoyment of it. The animators did a great job on this also. Like I mentioned before I watched this on TV so there were way to many commercials. Watch in on DVD to enjoy it even more. I hope they make another one. Then come out with the live action film.
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Out of Time (I) (2003)
Very Good Movie
28 November 2006
I saw this movie for the 1st time this past weekend. Why did I wait so long to watch it? I was glued to the screen during this whole movie. I don't normally talk to the TV, but I did during this one. I was giving Denzel Washington's character suggestions on what he should do. I do think that Denzel Washington is one of the best actors out their right now. He can play so many different parts and each one being awesome. I also enjoyed John Billingsly character as well. You may know him from the Star Trek: Enterprise series.He was quite funny in this movie. This movie is worth your time so check it out when you get the chance. You will not be disappointed.
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Flyboys (2006)
Fun Movie
15 October 2006
I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the way the special effects were done even though I have seen reviews where some didn't like them. Franco does a good job with the lead part. I also seen him in 'Annapolis' which wasn't as good. Rene Russo was also very good in this. I went to this with my Dad and he enjoyed it as well. If you can, see this movie on the largest screen you can because a smaller screen wouldn't do the air scenes justice. Well acted and well done. It's not Oscar material but you will enjoy this movie if you like good action movies and just want to have fun at the movies. I'll be buying this one on DVD.
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