La promesse (2016) Poster

(II) (2016)

Oscar Isaac: Mikael Boghosian



  • Mikael Boghosian : God help me, I want revenge.

    Ana : I don't care. Hey, our revenge will be to survive.

  • [last lines] 

    Mikael Boghosian : [narrating]  There was nothing that could be said. Both of us had lost the woman we loved. The French took us to a refugee camp in Egypt. Chris arranged for US visas for me, Yeva, and the orphans. We lost Chris in 1938. He died while reporting on the Spanish Civil War. I adopted yeva, finished my medical studies and set up a practice in Watertown, Massachusetts. After the Japanese attacked Pearl harbor, Yeva joined the women's army corps and fell in love with a young marine lieutenant. And on her wedding day, the orphans joined us in celebration.

  • Mikael Boghosian : [speaking to gathered wedding party]  My darling Yeva told me that her greatest wish was that her parents and our dear Ana were here. I told her I know that they *are*. For sure, they are here. And all of your parents and all those families lost in an attempt to wipe our nation from the face of the earth. But we're still here. We're still here.

  • [first lines] 

    Mikael Boghosian : [narrating]  Our village sat high in the mountains of Southern Turkey. It was half Turk, half Armenian. I was the local apothecary. For 200 years the Boghosians made medicines using formulas handed down from our ancestors. All right. We treated everyone alike... Muslim and Christian, rich and poor. Every morning and night. I was proud of our craft. But making potions from herbs and minerals was not enough. My greatest desire was to study medicine at the imperial school in Constantinople. But I could never afford the fees. So, I decided to become engaged to Maral and use the dowry to pay my way.

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