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Mr. Robot - The Movie... except not.
Sanclær2 November 2016
For any real hackers (aspiring hackers, hacktivists, otherwise criminally engaged computer wizards, or simply people in general who know their stuff) it's probably best not to touch this movie... but to people who hardly know anything about the world of hacking, who can enjoy a lower tier "morally justified" heist movie, it might work pretty well.

That said, the plot is dull. Really dull. Perhaps not so much the plot itself, but rather the execution of it. It's pretty obvious (from the narration, the cast) that this movie was meant to piggyback on the hype-train of Mr. Robot. Whereas Mr. Robot actually goes into detail pretty accurately, there's hardly ANY hacking going on in this movie at all. It's just a bunch of scammer kids, with a very infantile approach to the hacking phenomenon. A mash-up of jargon, combined with really poor dialogues and acting skills in general. A "hacker" that isn't familiar with the Dark Web or Onion? I mean, really?

Apart from that, it has a nice pace with just enough going on, to maintain a certain entertainment value that made me watch it through to the end. I'm glad that I did, 'cause it has a nice twist at the end... albeit pretty far fetched.
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Writer/director - uh oh....
Ian21 December 2016
I like a good hacker movie. This starts brilliantly - but goes nowhere and flounders around like a, er, flounder in a floundering thing.

As others have said, it's not so much about hacking as about scamming. It's full of very poor research and just plain wrong technical stuff. Sigh.

That there's 'something off' is so obvious but the characters don't twig. Uh oh... Dummies! Oh, and the film summary itself gives half the game away.

Apart from that, the plot just did't hang together.

Writer/director - uh oh....

He tries to bring in a character arc where the protagonist learns the errors of his ways but, heck, it's enforced, not realistic given the character and, well, total dumbbells.

Add a terrible, contrived unrealistic and dumb ending and you've got a so-so movie for people who don't know Windows from door frames - no, strike that - for people who are still looking for the Any Key!

Yup, I'll say it again - Writer/director - uh oh....
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A bit behind the times.
Dean Harkness6 November 2016
This is an astonishingly bad film. The acting is adequate but somewhat two dimensional while the characterisations and scripting are stupidly caricature-like.

When they talk about visiting a website called The Dark Web as though they are using the actual dark web (peer to peer technology) is when I really gave up. They even refer to someone as The Head of the Dark Web! Basically this film is nothing but propaganda and disinformation and is clearly against privacy laws and anonymity. It is exactly the opposite of what one would expect from a film with this title if it had been made by people with an interest in telling a story that has some basis in reality. It is cartoon-ish to say the very least.
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Waste of time except..
Dilip Kr21 June 2017
Except if you like seeing cities and some lavish spending spree. its complete waste of time.

big time amateur film making. The narration is bad. events are totally flawed. they would go live in presidential suite but take a cheap cab on way from airport? covers up operations so well but give it away for prison cell at small cyber cafe?

hacker is always critical in thinking.. how did he even miss looking into the uncle?
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This movie is pure trash
angusmitchell-2699421 December 2016
I cannot recommend this movie. There are not any interesting characters, moments or insights. It seemed as if the directors didn't know how to use google to research even the most basic information about hackers. The use of narration throughout the film felt like I was watching an educational film in P.E. at high school. I cringed during this movie more than i did watching Adam Sandler's 'click' and 'big daddy' combined. Please don't waste your time with this movie. I can recommend the book "We Are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LulzSec" on this topic.

Best Regards, H4X0R

TLDR: this movie gave me cancer.
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Waste of time
srodflacdc-985489 April 2017
Unbelievably, I made it all the way through this miserable movie. Half way through I literally googled it to see if it were written by a child. I wouldn't even recommend this movie for a rainy day with nothing else on TV. Just turn your TV off and stare at the blank screen for two hours, instead of watching this movie. You'll thank me.
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No real hacking, and the hacking is kindergarten stuff at best.
nbamock4 April 2017
It was entertaining enough that I didn't turn it off, but barely. If you know anything about hacking or computers in general then you will laugh your butt off at these actors who just spit out hacker terms without knowing what they mean (and it's obvious). They should have just went the route of having these actors be "script kiddies" and use that as the platform. Maybe change the title to Script Kiddies as well. At least then it would be believable.
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Doesn't really reflect a hacker mastermind.
Mehdi Zouaoui15 November 2016
The movie tried to portray how a life of a typical hacker would be with the usual suspects: a migrant who is rationally sleeping till a turning point in his family's life pops us which is generally related to finance. The usual suspects suddenly decides to awaken his sleeping cyborg and decides to be utilitarian just to end up in an existential circle. Also, it doesn't really reflect the mind of a hacker but rather a mind of someone who wants to get rich and regret later. Most of the hackers fight for a cause and they wouldn't back up. There are scenes in the movie that depict a hacker as being someone who rushes in his decisions and is not proactive about what would happen and does not assess the current situation on the spot in which the movie failed to give a close-to-reality snap on how a hacker react and assess a risk.
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Good beginning THE WORST ENDING
ali_mohmmed3 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
It started pretty well with how main actor had a tough life and how he made himself ..etc but its filled with plot holes and everything doesn't add up when you see it you think what a stupid this person is and there isn't much of hacking in the movie either plus awful emotional response buy the actors the ending is just the worse where this actress got his best friend killed by manipulating him for months like a toy she also fooled the mastermind z which also pretty stupid I honestly don't recommend anyone to watch the movie I was so sad at the end i wasted my time i should've stopped watching at a certain point but i decided to skip through and get a closure and it was a mistake.
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Hacker uses google to search for "deepweb"
Orfi Bous2 May 2017
This movie is just bad for a hacker movie.

There is no actual hacking in it. Not even script kiddie style things.

Acting is bad and without a plot, the movie just cannot touch you in any moment and just feels uninteresting.

If you ask me, you can't make a movie called "Hacker" when the closest think to hacking is a hacker social media site.
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It doesn't represent its Title plus Hollywood representation of Hacking
michaeltolis11 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's a bit disappointing going to see a movie based on the strong title it's using and then feeling like you got your time wasted.

The whole movie is not about Hacking, it's about smuggling. And how did they achieve to get the smuggling business working I hear you say? Oh by Hollywood Hacking. Which means (very little spoiler but it's covered on the start of the movie) that literally our main protagonist wrote in Google "Darkweb", got registered in the team called "Darkweb" (So the page is not even in the Darkweb) and out of nothing he just "hacks". It doesn't explain the background job or anything our protagonist does except for the foreground part of the story. Which is that somehow they get packages from someone/somewhere (we don't actually know, the story leaves us blind) and they sell them to some contacts they happen to know.

It doesn't show anything from the "Hacking" part because obviously, it's too technical and more boring than it seems. The movie makes Hacking (the 0% of the movie because in literal terms, there is no hacking, just a little bit cracking) pretty much look like a Video Game in which the hacking part is concluded by the push of a button, some terminal lines (for pretty much unknown reason) and looking at a computer screen.

They created things out of nothing (Fake ID's and Credit Cards, how did they make them ?) and pretty much nothing gets explained in the movie. The only thing close to this was at the start of the movie where our protagonist searches "How To Code", which part was NEVER used in the movie. So that part was pretty useless as well.

The only little bit exciting part was the goodbye kiss of the movie. It made a -you could call it- a little bit good plot twist but after all this hay the movie gave us, I couldn't be much excited because it still leaves many parts unexplained and the movie still doesn't deserve even a little bit the title "Hacker".

Summary ....:

This movie is not about hacking, but smuggling. If you want real hacking and cracking, go watch the series "Mr.Robot". Although, even this does not have anything that could excite you very much on the Hacking part but at least it would worth the Title "Hacker". This movie does not. It's a poorly made "Clickbaitish" title.
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Not a movie about "hacking" in the traditional sense
El Diablo3 April 2017
While the acting and dialogue was solid, this rather cliché and moralistic tale may leave some people with a sour taste in their mouth.

It may leave an even worse after-taste when the (totally private) "Federal Reserve" banking system, becomes its own bubble and then bursts, which is something that appears to have been building in the wake of the mortgage-bubble lead financial meltdown. If indeed these predictions are correct, and a worldwide economic collapse of far greater magnitude ensues, the US citizens will probably be told that it was all due to "Russia", "China", and "Hackers operating out of Russia and China...who may be on their respective government's payroll".

I listen to people who actually know what they're talking about and not talking heads with vested interests, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to smell the faint aroma of economic propaganda (or a "contingency story" for mass consumption), which may become stronger in the years to come if these economic predictions are correct.

Just some food for thought.

However, I digress. On with the review!

Why should I give this film a better-than-average rating when the plot was weak and the main protagonist knew less about protecting their online anonymity than I do? Well, to answer that question I should say that "social engineering" is also considered a valid form of hacking. People are always the weakest point in any system, hence they are the easiest way to bypass security without having to force your way through from behind a computer.

Even with the most sophisticated of proxies and other counter-measures, there is no way to ensure something won't be traced back to you online, just as there is no assurances of remaining unrecognized IRL on a camera, even with a disguise; The latter just happens to be far more efficient, and can often be achieved by using real-life proxies to do your data-collection.

The more real life proxies that are distributing the original data in a non-pyramid/linear, distributed fashion, the less chance of one person being caught as the "ring leader", which is the exact same principle one uses when using an online proxy network. The fact they did funnel information from proxies in bottom up fashion was certainly a major security flaw that would have easily have had them nabbed for credit card fraud under normal circumstances.

If you're into the guts of how people hack from behind a keyboard, then this movie is not for you...but if you want to see a totally different type of hacking at work (predominantly social engineering), you may get something out of this film in spite of its pitfalls.
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Very Interesting Story - just misleading title
jjchai27 February 2017
I very rarely post review for anything. But when I do, that means this thing is very special.

I'm a programmer. I was looking for a movie about hacking. While this movie is not about hacking at all, I got so caught up that I just watched it entirely.

It takes you for a ride to the lifestyle of doing illegal stuff, and the plot makes it very interesting. It includes ups and downs; not a win-all superhero movie or lose-it-all suckish movie.

In short: exciting, fast paced and full of emotion.
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This movie has NOTHING to do with Anonymous
bronx2228 April 2017
I've yet to watch and doubt I will... Reading the plot is a clear indication the writer and director have not a clue about Anonymous. Their is NO leader, never has, and never will have one. It's a collective and always will be.. This movie sounds like it's trying to demonize the collective.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
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Spoiler alert - this movie gets spoiled and this review reveals the spoiling part
eric-848-4530796 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler alert - this movie gets spoiled and this review reveals the spoiling part.

I very rarely post reviews for anything, but this movie began to get interesting, following a plausible Internet criminal lifestyle.

But then, the mystery bad guy turns out to be a disfigured, psychopathic evil genius in a wheel chair.

The unimaginative and stupid clichéd bad guy in a wheel chair role is so tiring and dumb - any movie that still adds that gets a 1/10 in my books. Near impossible to redeem itself from that anachronistic idiocy.
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Twisted life forced by unexpected circumstances.
Dexaus Slig Sawfil7 November 2016
Although my life was not the same with the situation in the movie "Hacker". I learned a lot. The Future or your destiny is unpredictable. You wouldn't know what road you'll be in. The feelings I felt when I watched the movie, it tells me that you own your life, it may change the situation(could be easy or hard) but not you, it will always remain you. Sometimes the road you took may tells you and everyone of who you really are. Temptation is everywhere, I realize also that its not really a sin, it will only be called sin if you fall for it and took it. With the desire for the material things and revenge to somebody, sometimes, it make us blind and took those temptations around us and then noticing at the very end the mistakes. trying to correct the past that is impossible to do but will serve as lesson to move on and start a new one. I regret I haven't seen this movie last year, I believe it was not released to all cinemas in my country, especially in my area. I would say this movie is awesome. Nice plot with awesome cast.
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Glaring goof
chefykins119 October 2017
Haven't had the time to watch movie yet but already from reading the plot line there is a glaring error. Anonymous has NO Leaders.That is the beauty of Anon , there is no single person in charge , everything done by committee ,so to speak.Any Hacker / Cracker will know this and immediately be suspicious of the mystery figure.

Will update movie quality soon. :-)

Peace Y
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enjoyable as entertainment but not as a computer movie
peacecop kalmer:14 January 2017
After looking for the movie Algorithm, i found another movie called Algorithm 2. i was surprised that there was a second part and set my expectations high. Later i discovered that it wasn't the second part of Algorithm but a separate movie called Hacker.

Although the big message is the same as in Algorithm, Hacker lacks on minor messages. And it lacks hacking. i think the producer has made the main point clear to me: don't mess with professionals unless u r one. u never know when and where u make a mistake and then they r after u. Playing professionals need years of experiences. If u want to run a marathon and compete with Kenyans and u r not trained then maybe u run the first kilometer and r wasted. Trying to play tennis against a pro as an amateur means not winning a single game — the odds r not with an amateur.

There is another message which is similar to the one of Algorithm but stated differently: If u want to change the world then steal enough currency and create a chaos with it because the one who owns the currency makes the rules. Although the real gangsters behind the currency system can't create new currency anymore they still have power because about ninety percent of world's population accept them as gods. They r dying out slowly and we can wait. Or we can act. But if we act then we can't use their tools because they r better on them. we have to use our own tools.

In the movie, one more point was made clear: weak men can be easily defeated by strong women. Once u start hacking something or someone, be very careful! u r being watched whether u know it or not or whether they know your intention or not. There r cameras everywhere. Every ATM has a camera and the characters in the movie didn't even cover their faces! And they were not discovered. Wasn't at least this suspicious?

The main character alex wants to use a tool that carries negative energy within — payback. Payback is continuation of violence in a violence vortex. If u want to stop violence then u don't pay back but stop it. One is only allowed to use violence while protecting themselves. In the movie, it wasn't about defense.

i don't want to spoil the ending so u can find it out on your own whether it will be left open or finite, whether they all die or not, whether they return to canonical world or go on with creating a better world.

Overall this movie is enjoyable. It is exciting and doesn't assume as much understanding of computer science than Algorithm. The story is linear and easy to follow. Characters r played well. Would i recommend it? As entertainment — yes, as a computer movie — no.
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An above average movie made with a below average budget
jtindahouse10 July 2017
It's rare to find a film, as unheard of and made for such a low budget as 'Hacker' was, be made with such a high degree of quality. From the opening moments it was clear this movie was going to be told with a lot of class. I suppose a film subject like hacking really wouldn't seem right told any other way. Still, that doesn't make it any easier to achieve.

The thing that probably surprised me the most about the film was how good the acting was. Callan McAuliffe in particular in the lead role was an absolute delight to watch go about his craft. A reasonable amount of the film was narrated by him too and not since Morgan Freeman in 'The Shawshank Redemption' can I remember such an ideal voice for such a thing. Daniel Eric Gold also thoroughly impressed me and I think it's fair to say there wasn't a weak link in the entire cast.

'Hacker' was a really fun watch. The pacing is terrific. It glides effortlessly from scene to scene and there is always plenty going on to keep the viewer entertained. The story structuring was also very well handled and the film ended in a very clever and interesting way. Altogether I was very impressed by 'Hacker' and would thoroughly recommend people to check it out.
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Feeble Easy Money Internet Tale
Limble Kite15 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Hey. Maybe it's just me but I hate crime movies where the criminals are a bunch of dumb asses. Like this one. In fairness, it's not so much that their character is stupid, but that the script calls for stupid things in order to advance the plot.

See, the main hacker kid was supposed to be brainy and knowledgeable, even if he doesn't know hacking exactly. More like a bunch of idiotic clichés like all you gotta do is cruise on over to darkweb.com and create an account.

Anyway, some Columbian guy forgets his credit card in a strip club so Mr. Hacker and his beer buzz buddy decide to use it to withdraw a bunch of cash. It's a very high end card, but it's too dangerous to use more than once. Beer Buzz and Hacker agree. One big score, no more. Good times.

Months later in the movie, someone decided that they need to push the plot sideways and get a little bathroom blood revenge porn splashed all over Beer Buzz. The easiest way to go is to have Beer Buzz use the dangerous credit card again so Mr. Columbian, who thoughtfully never canceled the card, can get a line on the stupids.

Let's see. If you used a high end credit card for a one time scam and vowed to never use it again, why would you then keep it? Surely you'd cut it up into little strips and toss it in the garbage with the cold Chinese food.

Then there's the girl (we gotta have a girl) with the mysterious uncle who's always finding them the perfect clients for the stuff they buy with stolen credit cards. Little much for Ms. 18, maybe 19, to have such deep contacts all over the place, including the other side of the world when the gang finally lights out for Hong Kong, but somehow Hacker Boy is okay with it all and just wants to trust her. Beer Buzz knows something's hinky, but gets outvoted.

Then much later Hacker needs to use an internet café in Thailand. Take this credit card he says to the clerk, as if he needed to risk using a stolen card to save maybe a buck. We're talking Thailand for Christ's sake, not the internet they charge you extra for at Motel 6, but another plot move was needed and of course said credit card bounces and police arrive to throw Hacker Boy in jail for two years. No bad-ass tattooed cellmate at least, Hacker gets a cell all to himself. Pretty nice in Thailand jails, huh?

Anyway, one day they set him free, hand him a box of his stuff that somehow disappears in the next shot, and he goes outside where Ms. 18, maybe 19 narrates the mysterious uncle explanation, and hands Hacker boy a new passport - all while standing practically in front of the two guards with automatic weapons outside the jail exit. These are the sort of things that make a movie like this so lame, and should have caused all involved to be tossed in the clinker in the first ten minutes.
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its quite good, F you haters
tilak4 March 2018
Well first of all middle finger for haters. Its not actually about hacking, so what its a damn good entertainment. It keeps you interested till the end, never miss a beat . This movies will be one of "must watch" in the future. The problem with these critics, is that they always look for Oscar material. The movie with compassion ,humanity, blah blah blah, which is most likely a boring over long box office turkey. Whats wrong with entertainment, that's what movies are for. Watch this movie, you will definitely like it.
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Trash made my children for dumbasses
cryptokyddie23 December 2017
AWFUL!. Unrealistic. Zero quality, horrible acting, many mistakes and the worst direction ever
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everything is there in the movie
babusuri28 November 2016
aha huh this movie is awesome not bored.. i don't NOW why so many are writing bad about movie i watched completely even i read review but movie is very wonderful and good teen and hacker movie better than some movies rating is good i give 9 .. thank you it is my first review to write about movie .. because some one said very bad but movie is wonderful ,,, thanks a lot .. it is good movie don't waste Ur time to read reviews u must watch right now. there is crime and good drama . story narrating is wonderful . ending is awesome. last 10 mints i remember again catch me if can movie. must watchable. length is good.when is changing lastly awesome to watch
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Very good and awesome movie. I don't know why some people rated it so bad. I watched this movie from the beginning to end and it was very enjoyable.
Mahbub Riyad6 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Normally I search at IMDb before watching a movie but I made an exception in this case. But it didn't disappoint me at all. The movie was actually better than I expected it to be. In this movie it shows that how helpless immigrants become when they move to a new country for better life, It shows how some people's lives are ruined because of not having enough money. It shows how far you're willing to go to take revenge if anything hurts you and your family very badly. It clearly shows the consequence of doing something illegal and how it can affect your life and the people around you. I agree that there are some parts of the movie that were too unrealistic to be real. But it's just a movie man, How many movies you've watched are actually based on true story?? I've loved this movie from the beginning to the end and I'll be more than happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good movie and have a good time.
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This is Carding not Hacking
rajatshanu647 April 2017
Well Movie name is Hacker but doesn't seem like a good hacker all major things he is doing is Carding just buying some Credit card online and by using them buying things and selling them offline making money well i was here with his Hacker name with hope gonna see something good but i saw good all i just disappointed about Movie name overall good movie he is carding making money until he meet a guy who is professional in selling anything than they made lots of money together he got caught when he tried to fake in a bank i don't why there is even need of this than another chapter a girls comes or he just setup by that bank's manager to setup this guy it's not clear in movie not even in end just fine movie however story is interesting if you are expecting something like real hacker movie like BlackHat than this is not for you and if you a programmer you might gonna hate him cause in beginning after a little experience and he made good money but all money gone than to make faster money he just put on google "Make Money Faster" what a funny scene.
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