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'The Road to Mother': Film Review

Telling a nation's modern story through the biography of a fictional character, The Road to Mother aims for epic sweep. It works mainly in fits and starts, though there's no question that the movie's depiction of the effects of Soviet rule on a nomadic population will be eye-opening for many Western viewers, and deeply resonant for Kazakhstanis.

Director Akan Satayev and screenwriter Timur Zhaksylykov, who previously collaborated on the wan English-language crime thriller Hacker, tap into something far more compelling here, but the two-dimensionality of most of the characters, however well played, limits the film's dramatic impact.

The visually fluent...
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‘Anonymous’: Exclusive First Trailer For Dark Web Drama With Jack Nicholson’s Daughter

‘Anonymous’: Exclusive First Trailer For Dark Web Drama With Jack Nicholson’s Daughter
Exclusive: It’s known as the Dark Web — the encrypted network that is fully anonymous and where both criminals and truth-tellers dwell, and now there’s a movie. Here is the first trailer for Anonymous, which will open in the top 20 markets across the country beginning in Los Angeles and New York on December 2. The film, which co-stars Lorraine Nicholson, Jack’s daughter (yes, she’s in the trailer), is about a teenager who turns to a life of digital crime and theft when…
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Electric to crack market with Hacker

Electric to crack market with Hacker
Exclusive: Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment has secured all worldwide rights to the international thriller and started talks with Afm buyers.

Akan Satayev directed the film from Sanzhar Sultanov and Timur Zhaksylykov’s screenplay about three young coders who fall foul of the authorities and the shadowy operators behind their criminal paymasters.

Hacker shot in New York, Hong Kong, Toronto and Bangkok and stars Callan McAuliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, Daniel Eric Gold and Clifton Collins Jr.

Sultanov’s production company Know Rules Media produced with Satayev’s SataiFilm. Loudon Owen and Jai Khanna from Brillstein Entertainment Partners are the executive producers.

“We were immediately intrigued by Hacker because it is very topical and timely,” said Electric’s head of international distribution Sonia Mehandjiyska. “It deals with a scary situation that could unfortunately become a reality for all of us one day.”

“When we finished the film, we felt confident that we have a good film,” said Satayev
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McAuliffe takes the indie route

Callan McAuliffe in Beneath The Harvest Sky.

After Callan McAuliffe landed roles in two studio films, Flipped and I Am Number Four, several years ago, the teenager says he naively expected a glittering Hollywood career would ensue.

That.s now how the actor.s career has panned out but he shot four indie movies around the world in the past 18 months, working with Samuel L. Jackson, Sir Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson.

.I am no A-lister,. the Los Angeles-based McAuliffe, 19, told If today on a visit to Sydney as a national ambassador for Unicef promoting children.s rights. "I would rather be a working actor than a mega-famous star..

.I have to audition for every role but when you get the job, it.s very rewarding. I.ve been very fortunate, with a bit of luck and hard work. I have done some diverse movies, although some are not my type of movie.
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Exclusive: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks Transcendence and 101 Ways to Cook Ramen (Prison Style)

Clifton Collins Jr. is the latest actor to take part in our Q&A series and he should be no stranger to genre fans with recent roles in Pacific Rim, Hellbenders 3D, and Transcendence. In this feature, Clifton Collins Jr. talks to us about working with Johnny Depp, researching the technical singularity, his role in Stung, and his upcoming book, 101 Ways to Cook Ramen (Prison Style):

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. We’re big fans of your work over here and always look forward to talking with you about your latest project. What was it that initially drew you to Transcendence and the character of Martin?

Really appreciate that, nothing better than good folks who appreciate ones work! I think that’s what keeps me working as hard as I do, so thank you for that!

Johnny Depp for starters. I’ve been
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Callan McAuliffe and Lorraine Nicholson to Star in Indie Drama “Hacker”

Callan McAuliffe, 18, and Lorraine Nicholson, 23, will co-star in Akan Satayev’s indie drama “Hacker,” according to a report by Deadline. “Hacker” will follow Alex Danyliuk (McAuliffe), an “ambitious teen tech head” who is a member of a secret Internet criminal network known as DarkWeb. Nicholson will play opposite McAuliffe as Kira Whittal, a fellow [...]

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Casting Net: Idris Elba will battle terrorists in 'Bastille Day'; Plus, 'Terminator' rumors, more

Casting Net: Idris Elba will battle terrorists in 'Bastille Day'; Plus, 'Terminator' rumors, more
Idris Elba (Thor: The Dark World) has signed on to star in the thriller Bastille Day, which finds a young artist and a former CIA agent teaming up on an anti-terrorist mission in France. Baran bo Odar (The Silence) is set to direct. Andrew Baldwin (The Outsider) penned the script. Elba can be seen next as Nelson Mandela in the biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (out Dec. 18). [Variety]

Alan Taylor, who is directing the Terminator reboot, is reportedly set to meet with actresses to take on the role of a young Sarah Connor. So far the reported potentials include Emilia Clarke
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‘Great Gatsby’ Actor Callan McAullife Logs On to Indie ‘Hacker’ (Exclusive)

‘Great Gatsby’ Actor Callan McAullife Logs On to Indie ‘Hacker’ (Exclusive)
Australian actor Callan McAuliffe, who played the young Jay Gatsby in “The Great Gatsby,” will star in indie film “Hacker.”

Sanzhar Sultanov is producing “Hacker” and Akan Satayev is directing. Shooting is set to begin on Nov. 28 in Toronto, Dubai, Thailand and New York.

McAuliffe will play an intelligent and amoral computer genius who joins an underground network of computer-based criminals known as DarkWeb in an effort to uncover the identity of the org’s master hacker.

McAuliffe will soon be seen in the remake of the Japanese anime “Kite” alongside Samuel Jackson, and in the U.K. sci-fier “Our Robot Overlords” with Ben Kingsley and Gillian Anderson.

He is repped by CAA, Rgm, and Felker, Toczek, Gellman and Suddelson.
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