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Well done
Jack C24 December 2017
We were pleasantly surprised with the quality of this remake. The jokes are nonstop and witty. Characters are well fleshed out with each person playing a physical opposite of their persona outside of Jumanji. A little homage is paid to Alan Parrish at the beginning of the movie, and the movie continues, 20 years after the events of 1996.

The Rock is always fun, but shines as a scared nerd with no confidence. Karen Gillan is adorable as the socially awkward nerdy girl. Jack Black playing a self obsessed popular girl is laugh out loud funny. Kevin Hart as a shrunken jock with many assigned weaknesses is classic.

All in all a nearly perfect family comedy that rises above lowest common denominator humor. Worth the trip to see it on the big screen. You do not have to see the original to appreciate it.
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Just plain Fun!
dontpanik9 December 2017
We went to see this as part of the early screening for Amazon Prime members. I always worry that all the funniest parts of a movie are spoiled in the trailer leaving nothing left in the film. That isn't the case. I was either smiling or laughing the entire movie, as was the rest of the theater. Is it Citizen Kane? No. Was I going to the theater wanting to watch a drama that delved deep into the characters' lives? No, again.

Our 4 heroes are sent to detention where they discover and are consequently sucked into Jumanji. They become the avatars they chose for the game and must complete the object of the game without using up all their lives. They have to work together, as a team. It is so much fun. It's predictable, funny, cute and the most important, entertaining. The actors are great in it, including a few cameos that were unexpected.

The humor isn't too crude, but still slapstick-y and funny. It was along the vein of Shrek, Rat Race, or Clue. Again, if you're looking for deep and can't stand watching a movie without questioning everything, skip this one. This is one of those movies I'll be buying just so I can put it on and laugh.
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Great Movie. Go see it already!
scott-8244322 December 2017
Fun movie for family. Silly at times with decent action and interesting people. If you are a guy wanting to bring wife/girlfriend to movie you'll both walk out feeling you got your money's worth then this is a great pick. It won't win any fancy awards but best movie in theaters right now.
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Appreciate the Original Even More
musicnetwork-8503326 December 2017
This movie focuses more on a plot which consists of generic/cliche teen-age crushes.

The scenes with creatures aren't very exciting. Overall a very sub-par adaptation.
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Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots of Fun!
Movie Paradise22 December 2017
All of the performers are fantastic in this film, and are perfect fits for their roles. The group dynamics are excellent, and they all have hilarious back-and-forths with each other. Some of my favorite moments in the movie are when everyone is simply standing around talking. Dwayne Johnson really shows his comedic talents here. While he does have a few scenes where he gets to show off his action chops, most of his role is comedy-heavy, and he delivers on it. Kevin Hart plays the same character he always plays, and more times than not it annoys me, but for whatever reason here it works. Maybe it's his chemistry with the other actors, but he's hysterical in this movie. I'm not a huge fan of Karen Gillan's character of Nebula in the Guardians of the Galaxy films, so I wasn't sure how she was going to be in this. But she delivers as well. Not only does she nail the action beats (and she has some of the best in the whole movie), but she also has some great comedic moments, comedy that I didn't know she could pull off as well as she did. But the true star of this movie is Jack Black. I thought he was hysterical in the trailer, but I was afraid that the concept of him actually being a teenage girl would get old and annoying quick, but it doesn't. Black is perfect for this role, and nails every comedic moment he's given. They are all fantastic together, and it makes for some great entertainment...
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Fantastic movie!
sahadat-5313820 December 2017
Really enjoyable movie! The movie is well paced, great cast, great action sequences. I think this is a must see movie, for all the family.
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Very, very fun and worth your time!
regula18 December 2017
The original Jumanji was supposed to be a one-and-done film, even though it teased the potential for a sequel. Many voiced trepidation at the prospect of a sequel after all these years later, and after the tragic death of original star Robin Williams, there were valid concerns about whether this sequel could be both a good movie and a fitting sequel and tribute to what had come before.

I am glad to report that it fulfilled all expectations.

The film relies almost entirely on its star power, and it has that in spades with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan, and Nick Jonas. Where the charm resides, though, is the actors playing against their types through the means of real-world to video game body switching: The Rock embodying a nerdy hypochondriac, Hart an all-star jock, Gillan a shy insecure reject, and perhaps most brilliant of them all, Black housing a she's-all-that pretty girl. Together our four teenage protagonists get sucked into the video game incarnation of Jumanji, a jungle land that is threatened from the typical video game threat, and our heroes must do the usual video game tasks in order to beat the game and return to the real world, all without getting killed in-game, which will get them killed in real life after three lives.

The film thematically treads the same sort of ground that other teen movies tend to cover, mainly the stereotypical high school tropes get thrust into a situation that forces them to work together to correct each other's flaws and by the end they return to their 'normal' lives as better people.

What the film does different in the body-switching is that these tropes are transferred onto adult actors, people who each have tropes of their own, and the way that each actor gets to play against their type is definitely what makes this movie so fun.

On the flipside, like a video game, the villain is very one- dimensional, and while the narrative isn't necessarily harmed by it, it does stand out as something that's lacking, wishing that the villain was more than just 'I will kill you because reasons'.

Also, the character introductions in the real world at the beginning of the film feel very forced, as in we all know they end up in the game, and the reasons they get into the situation feel very convenient, as if the writers could not find an elegant means to get these four people in the same place in front of the game console at the same time, so they just threw them all together.

These are fairly minor nitpicks, as the pace of this film is fast, it doesn't really drag at all, and while they do repeat a joke or two, it doesn't step over the line into annoying. All this makes for a very fun film, definitely worth your time this holiday season, and after once it gets released on home media.
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Total dreck
soogi2 January 2018
What a waste of my time and money. I should've trusted my instincts about the trailer and clips to not to set foot in the cinema watching this crap. Unfunny recycled jokes, lame story and kindergarden level villain. Jumanji suppose to be exciting, emotional, funny and a little scary, but this movie failed to achieve none of it. The screenwriters probably wrote the script in the bathroom on toilet paper and forgot to wipe with it their ass. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are from now on my official kryptonite. Arnold S. had more charisma than both of them together. Even Jack Black who I dig, gave a goosebumps level performance.

Robin Williams is probably turning in his grave.
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Nicole L31 December 2017
Using the washroom after viewing this movie had me more on the edge of my seat than the film itself.

Average cinematography, the characters were stereotypical and boring, the plot was highly predictable and trite (as in, there was no part of the entire movie that caught me off guard or that I didn't expect), and the scenes that were apparently meant to be suspenseful or exciting were not. The film was full of cheesy, forced dialogue and pointless romantic subplots (one of my biggest pet peeves in action/adventure movies). It did have a few funny moments, which is just about the only thing that made me give it higher than a 1/10 rating.

It's not the worst thing I've seen in my life, and to be fair I don't usually watch this genre of movie (it was the one my cousin wanted to see), but around halfway through I definitely was bored and looking forward to the end. In hindsight, I wouldn't have spent $10 and two hours on this. It's probably an all right family movie or an appealing plot for a 12-year-old, but for me it was a total yawn.
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Not even close to the original movie
empire3312 January 2018
While not as funny and intriguing as the original movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle delivers good visuals, a predictable storyline and a good performance by Jack Black. It's nice to see a remake of the first movie after 20+ years but I still prefer the first one. Mediocre movie not worth seeing more than once.
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Nice sequel! Better than my expectation
Misstumbler22 December 2017
I actually come to watch this movie with low expectation. I watched 1st Jumanji and it was really great (and I watched it a couple times). The sequel is a little different with it's successor, with the theme is still same, a game that involved real adventures to it's player. Four teenagers sucked into the game, and they become a character they chose (which is very different from their real life). The movie is so funny, and if you played RPGs game you will find this really entertaining. The humour is still suitable for young audiences, so it's a family movie too. And while it's a humour adventures movie, it still have a good message. So I really recommend it, hope you'll enjoy it too.
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Critics undersell a fantastic movie
alessandrowoodbridge24 December 2017
I would watch this movie two more times at least. This was a very funny movie. Arguably one of the best performance Jack Black has done. When I watched this with my family, in a packed movie theatre, I kid you not, the entire cinema was laughing during quite a few of the scenes. The humour is excellently tailored to the audience and is a beautiful tribute to the original Jumanji with Robin Williams. The way it fantastically coincides with the original movie and moves onto a sort of sequel to this is beautiful, and a rare thing these days. The movie is very funny and easily one of the greatest movies to have come out this year. It is certainly in the top 15 movies that have come out, post 2010, accompanied with the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool and now the recent movie that just came out, Bright. If you felt that Bright was also under-appreciated by movie critics, the exact same thing has happened here as Jumanji is a 100% gaurantee, a movie that will be appreciated after watching. Personally, I would watch it again and again with people. It is not just a movie to watch and discard, this is one to put on the bookshelf and watch again in the future. Loved it. Thank you for such a great movie with a fantastic and fun cast who clearly have great chemistry on and off the screen.
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Awesome fun
Takethispunch31 December 2017
Four high school kids discover an old video game console and are drawn into the game's jungle setting, literally becoming the adult avatars they chose. What they discover is that you don't just play Jumanji - you must survive it. To beat the game and return to the real world, they'll have to go on the most dangerous adventure of their lives, discover what Alan Parrish left 20 years ago, and change the way they think about themselves - or they'll be stuck in the game forever.
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The Game Always Finds a Way
Thomas Drufke23 December 2017
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is easily the best video game movie ever made. Everyone who follows movies even remotely knows that's not a hard task to complete, but Jumanji earnestly gets that title from me by being self-aware, armed with charismatic performances, and an undeniably fun and energetic tone from beginning to end.

The second pairing from Kevin hart and Dwayne Johnson comes as way of a sequel to the classic 1995 film, Jumani. Instead of just rebooting a beloved film 20 years later, this installment does feel like a standalone film, but in more than one way, it honors the legacy that began with the Robin Williams led film in the 90's. What better way to do that than get The Rock and Hart to team-up again for an adventurous action-comedy. Their chemistry, along with Karen Gillan and Jack Black are quite the team. Luckily, the film doesn't rely too heavily on Hart and Johnson's funny banter from Central Intelligence last year. Each character had their own arc and I didn't feel as though any one particular character was put in the background.

Did I approve of all the character choices and humor? Certainly not. Jack Black is a naturally funny guy, but I wasn't too fond of his portrayal of a popular teenage girl. All of the characters are stereotypes obviously, but for some reason that character rubbed me the wrong way. Gillan on the other-hand, was much more in her comfort zone than it seemed like she was in the Guardians films. Her range of playing a scared and vulnerable young woman to be a "dance fighting" bada** was a joy to watch, and playing off of Johnson may have even superseded Johnson and Hart for me.

Like everyone else, I was very skeptical of this film for the last few years. What was the need to go back and try to recapture the spirit of the first film? Well, they reinvented the wheel without replacing the entire car. Using video games instead of a board game seemed like a cheap trick, but it ended up being the best decision the franchise could have made. Where do you go from here? Well, it now seems the possibilities are endless. In all, a well-rounded cast, endless energy, and a little heart go a long way with this one.

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Kids movie
slimboy-6386627 January 2018
They should label this as a kids movie, and it might be boring even for kids ! just watched the first 30 minutes . what a waste of time
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Exciting and Fun but it's not Jumanji
Peter Francis Travis Leong10 December 2017
Jumanji 1995 has many memorial moments for example: The reveal of the Jumanji board, monkeys robbing a police car, the stampede, sinking floors, the flooded room with some crocodiles, the incredible use of the sound track, basically a lot of stuff. The original is well crafted and now it's 2017 and we have Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It's a fun, action comedy film with really cool references to the first film but as much as it entertains me it's not Jumanji. As Robin Williams said "I've seen things you've only seen in your nightmares" but in this film the jungle is safe enough to make margaritas and have scented candles on display. Dwayne Johnson tries to play a geeky character but he still plays that big tough guy. Kevin Hart plays himself nothing new, Karen Gillan plays a geeky shy girl and she has done that before and finally the highlight of the film is Jack Black playing as a teenage girl named Bethany. Everything Jack says is incredibly funny and will leave you falling off your seat. Like I said before it's not Jumanji, 6.5/10.
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)
rockman18222 December 2017
The original Jumanji is a nostalgic film from my childhood. It still held up when I rewatched it earlier this month. The effects aren't the greatest but the film was fun and had a lot of heart. I was not one of those annoying people who had pitchforks out when they heard about Jumanji being rebooted or getting a sequel. Always give a film a chance, that's what I do. After seeing promo pics and trailers I was hyped. I like The Rock and Kevin Hart working together, and also love Karen Gillan. The film looked like a fresh spin on the original and even looked like an effort that wanted to stand on its own. It does exactly that. Say what you want, this is a very fun film.

Four different teenagers are given detention and once there they discover an old video game named Jumanji. They plug the game system in and are sucked into the world of Jumanji, primarily in a jungle where they must return a jewel into an enormous Jaguar statue. Sounds easy, but the jungle is filled with tricks and traps and wild animals. Oh yeah, the four characters become the characters in the game physically. This makes for a very entertaining time with almost non stop humor on top of its adventure.

The actors do very well in this. Jack Black and Kevin Hart bring the comedy. Jack Black's character is actually the embodiment of a self absorbed teenage girl, and he plays that remarkably well. I dig Kevin Hart with his loud commentary. I also love that he's always getting knocked over thrown around, in the way of danger, or in this films case- explodes. All the humor in this film comes at you tenfold and it all works. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and, while somewhat predictable its never boring. The action scenes are gripping and grand scale. I loved the world of the film and the connection between the characters.

The film has a few nods to the original but the film is still quite independent from the original which is nice. Really its in name alone; the connection to the first. Overall, its a blast at the end of the year. Its a re-watchable and exciting comedy/adventure. Take off your critical lenses and actually sit and enjoy this. The negative things I'm reading about this are analyzing it on such a deep level. Dude, relax and enjoy.

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Awesome, just awesome!
vengeance2023 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Heard about another Jumanji Film being made, but thought it was going to be a remake of sorts. Well, through years of development it seems to be more of a different take on the 1995 classic! And a good take it was!

Starting at 1996, a young man finds a "board game" on the beach after hearing the iconic "jungle drums" sound emitting from the box partially covered in sand. Like the original, he finds it, takes it home with him, & then finds out it's an Nintendo like game & plugs it into his console & starts playing, he gets sucked in & is trapped in the game, similar to the original, but as a computer games console, not a board game, interesting take.

So fast forward 21 years later, & 4 young teens who all come together via detention play the game & get sucked in after finding it in a store room in the school. It's then they find themselves in different bodies & each have 3 lives like that of a computer console game. They then learn of the curse of the jungle via a green jewel & must place it back where it was & shout "Jumanji!".

The film I thought was pretty good! Of course it wouldn't be nearly as good as it's counter back in '95, but it's pretty damn close to be an original & somewhat is! The story was simple & easy to follow, the characters were great & likable, Karen Gillan was a babe in this film! (sorry had to say it!), but she & the others were great! I also liked the humour in this film too! It was funny & fitted well!

I was kind of peeved it wasn't set in the real world as appose to a jungle, but I suppose it was because they were sucked into a different world so it made sense in a way, & it wasn't too bad either!

Overall this film was a good watch & matches pretty well with the original film! 9/10 Go watch it!
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how can strength be a weakness..
amheretojudge29 December 2017
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Dwayne Johnson shouting, "I'm a nerd.." or cringing on the screen as Kevin Hart bullies him all the way. Jack Black and Nick Jonas in a weirdly plotted love story or Kevin Hart suddenly blinking repetitively as someone has to step forward for a staring contest. These are the little moments where Jumanji sweeps away its best score with the help of smart writing which focuses mainly on these characters or sometimes actors contradict nature. But unfortunately it fails on story telling with the same old characters and their seen-this-seen-that conflicts.
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Quite the enjoyable film!
jaretricejhr24 December 2017
This movie definitely got me attached! Loved the roles for the film, and definitely love the story line and comedy. It had characters you could get attached to (including the main antagonist) and it had pretty everything certain people could enjoy from an Adventure/Comedy/Fantasy movie! Especially for some of the older ages. It even had some pretty intense scenes compared to the older film. I suggest you to watch this movie if you're into these kinds of films, I definitely got a few laughs out of it, hope you will too!
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Could have been so much better
danjamz11 December 2017
This sequel took so long to come to fruition, the most unbelievable thing is that the writing could still be so bad. It genuinely feels like they cast the actors first, then wrote supposedly "cool and funny" scenes about them, making it feel more like a bunch of unconnected sketches and action sequences than a real story.

The main problem is that the humour seemed almost entirely aimed at the handful of young kids in my (very busy) screening, they loved it of course; but literally everyone else... silence for the entire movie. The special effects are fine and the action sequences exciting enough, but without a half-decent story to hold it together, it all feels a bit empty.

Ultimately keep your expectations rock bottom and you can probably just go along for the ride. But 22 years after the original, I would highly recommend you give the old one another try before you bother with this.
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One of the best action films I've seen in a while
Davis P31 December 2017
I'll start out by saying that my family is a really big fan of the Robin Williams/Bonnie Hunt Jumanji movie, I personally thought it was alright. Nothing great, but not bad either. I went into this movie with my doubts about it's quality. One, because I wasn't the biggest fan of the original, and two because I was fearful it would just be another generic action romp. I was WRONG. This is one of the best action films I've seen in some time, and there are many reasons as to why this one works so well. Reason number one: the casting. This cast is just perfectly put together. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson really was great in the lead role, one of his best performances in my opinion. Kevin Hart serves as the ever hilarious comedic relief, and he did a fabulous job of making the audience laugh their asses off. Jack Black is really great here as well, very funny, really the best middle aged man in Hollywood you could pick to play as a teenage girl stuck in another body. And lastly, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas give fun entertaining performances. The acting is a big plus for this movie. Reason number two: the writing. The script allows for many things: comedy, action, and some serious stuff too. Funny lines for the comedic heavyweights and more touching/sweet content for when it's called for. And finally, reason number three: very exciting action and effects. The action scenes are done well and achieve the level of excitement that they are going for. And the visual effects are top of the line as well. Overall, this is just a great film overall, and it even gave a small harken back to the original 90s film. Great lovable characters, exciting action, skilled writing... just a joy overall. 9/10 for Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle.
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A thoroughly entertaining evolution
Josh Barton9 December 2017
Jumanji is a film I grew up with so it'll always hold a place in my heart. It's by no means the greatest film ever made but it is a film I never thought would need a sequel, the very idea being a product of the lazy Hollywood cycle. To do a sequel to Jumanji, you have to be brave enough to evolve the franchise and not just rehash it all, which is exactly what they did with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

When four teenagers get sucked into the video game Jumanji, they become their chosen avatars; Dr Smolder Bravestone (Dwayne Johnson), Professor Shelly Oberon (Jack Black), Franklin Finbar (Kevin Hart) and Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan). Together they must play along and finish the game to stand any chance of getting back home.

The evolution of Jumanji from board game to video game is one of the sensible ways that the creative team bring us a sequel two decades after the original was released. It's the only way the kids of today would ever play it so to see the game itself change to attract new players makes sense. The idea of a sequel after all this time is one that left me skeptical however, thanks to a changed concept of the story taking place inside the game rather than the game coming to the real world, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle quickly became a sequel to become interested in.

The changed concept is one that leads to a good old-fashioned adventure romp full of action and plenty of fun for the entire family. The idea of the kids being sucked into the game and being forced to play it out as characters totally opposite to their everyday selves makes for an amusing watch, the raucous laughter from the audience being a telling sign.

No one is having more fun here than the four leads of the film mind. Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan all make Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle such great entertainment; Johnson milking it while playing a nerd trapped inside the body fit for an action movie star, Hart revelling in the big guy trapped in a small guy's body role, Black stealing the film as the Instagram obsessed girl playing as an overweight professor, a role he seems so suited for, and Gillan bringing the fierceness when she needs to as Ruby Roundhouse a.k.a. the "Killer of Men" which, as you've guessed, is so far away from her character back in the real world. You get a sense that working on this set would have been so much fun.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle works as a continuation of the Jumanji franchise, even if there are people out there who are adamant it won't. It's the perfect kind of film to take the family along to and I can guarantee fun will be had all round. It was much better than I was expecting and I'm ready to call it the biggest surprise of the year.
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This may be better than original
Shannon Wilkinson14 March 2018
This movie is not only modernized, it had great humor though out... you'll most definitely laugh out loud, also may cry a little lol.... I was surprised by the unexpected funny moments, I loved the storyline and concept..... DEFINITELY WORTH WATCHING..... trust me you will like it
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MajorMAlice13 March 2018
I would say I gave it a 10 to balance out the bobo-heads with no funny-bone in their bodies low scores, but no. This movie deserves a 10 and more. It is HILARIOUS. heck, HILARIOUS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.

To begin, my BF and I have somewhat different tastes in movies, and he is not a Rock fan (loved him as a wrestler, not so much as an actor), but we both laughed SO MUCH while watching this. EVERY actor, including The Rock knocks it out of the park. There is not one scene where you step out of the roller coaster ride of fun it sets you on from the moment they (and you) are IN Jumanji.

Do yourself a favor. Watch this, and if you don't laugh raucously at LEAST six times, seriously, consider what else might be wrong.

This Jumanji gained a place within my favorite movies of all time, and the only thing which makes me sad about it, is that 1. I wonder if upon third viewing (we saw it twice) through my 20th it will lose some of its luster; and 2. that it wasn't much, much longer, as I did not want the fun to end.
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